Kneipe is a modernized german beer garden, open seasonally during spring, summer
and fall.With architectural elements taken both from the modern and natural world.
Kneipe will offer a minimal but curated menu that will change seasonally to allow
for the use of local ingredients. It will feature environmentally friendly elements
such as a composting system and a solar panel roof.The branding will utilize a
modernized blackface with elements of green. Halftone icons will be incorporated
into menu design and marketing pieces. 
space design

Working with Interior Design student, Rose White, we concepted a space design for Kneipe that reflected the restaurants overall mission. By combining modern elements such as the black wood with greenery and raw materials we created a space that echoed my idea of fusing contemporary design with German tradition. The ordering window at the front flows to the beer window and seating in the back allowing for customers to easily interact with the employees inside, eliminating the need for servers. We chose to place the patio in the back to give diners a sense of seclusion as well as intriguing outsiders. Solar panels will be installed on the roof to ensure that the restaurant is energy efficient and gives them the ability to close during the winter. Other environmental elements such as a modular compost system and seasonal herb wall will be utilized in the space. 
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